Weiter zum Wasser / Down to the Water

Film project 2021 / Directed by: Paula Saraste

Weiter zum Wasser / Down to the Water (2021) tells the story of a small family escaping their home at night. They embark a journey towards an unknown destination and go missing. The father drives his family to an increasingly despaired state and finally he ends up in confusion and loneliness. It is a story of an end of a family. The daughter and mother gradually liberate themselves from the oppressive father, who is failing and not being able to overcome his fear.

The film reflects the unknown as both something not chosen or happened in the past as well as a possible state of things being and becoming. The unknown yet having an impact on the ones to whom it is not known. The film approaches the inexplicable without retracing, as a fragment of multiple possible narratives.

The gallery version of the work is shown in the exhibition Fragments from the Unknown in Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki in January 2021 – the cinema-version is coming up in 2021