until the sun dies

Film project 2021/ Directed by: Jonas Brander / Work in Progress

“until the sun dies“ is an intimate portrayal of the lives and processes of resistance of marginalised persons in the Colombian civil war, their constant search for peace and tranquility, their constant swinging between life and death.

It tells in three episodes the unheard stories of the Colombian civil war, accompanying the protagonists over six years (2014-2019).

It focuses on the people that are directly affected by the conflict and who constantly advocate for peace: a mother, whose son is a victim of a systematic state crime and who became an activist, internal refugees from the Pacific Coast who support their community after being forcibly displaced and members of the indigenous tribe Nasa in Northern Cauca, who fight for their territories by keeping their ancestral spirituality alive. The protagonists who ceaselessly desire peace, provide a unique access to one of the longest and most persistent conflicts of the last decades; through their resilience and their fight for peace and justice. Their lives and the regions where they live are still severely affected.

Current state: postproduction