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Set around a group of unique characters living in an abstract rendition of the new, multilingual Berlin, “THE ART OF VALUE” taps into a dream-like, bizarre rendition of our systems of value and hyperbeauty. A film about the mechanisms of consumerism switching to necessities.

Written & Directed by Sylvie Weber @sylvieweber
Cinematography by Pat Aldinger @pataldingerdp

Produced by Marietta Auras @mariettaauras

In partnership with Dr. Hauschka

Premiere of the first short film by William Fan on


Film project 2021/ Directed by: Jonas Brander / Work in Progress

until the sun dies“ is an intimate portrayal of the lives and processes of resistance of marginalised persons in the Colombian civil war, their constant search for peace and tranquility, their constant swinging between life and death.

It tells in three episodes the unheard stories of the Colombian civil war, accompanying the protagonists over six years (2014-2019).

It focuses on the people that are directly affected by the conflict and who constantly advocate for peace: a mother, whose son is a victim of a systematic state crime and who became an activist, internal refugees from the Pacific Coast who support their community after being forcibly displaced and members of the indigenous tribe Nasa in Northern Cauca, who fight for their territories by keeping their ancestral spirituality alive. The protagonists who ceaselessly desire peace, provide a unique access to one of the longest and most persistent conflicts of the last decades; through their resilience and their fight for peace and justice. Their lives and the regions where they live are still severely affected.

Current state: postproduction


Film project 2021 / Directed by: Paula Saraste

Weiter zum Wasser / Down to the Water (2021) tells the story of a small family escaping their home at night. They embark a journey towards an unknown destination and go missing. The father drives his family to an increasingly despaired state and finally he ends up in confusion and loneliness. It is a story of an end of a family. The daughter and mother gradually liberate themselves from the oppressive father, who is failing and not being able to overcome his fear.

The film reflects the unknown as both something not chosen or happened in the past as well as a possible state of things being and becoming. The unknown yet having an impact on the ones to whom it is not known. The film approaches the inexplicable without retracing, as a fragment of multiple possible narratives.

The gallery version of the work is shown in the exhibition Fragments from the Unknown in Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki in January 2021 – the cinema-version is coming up in 2021


Film project 2018 / Directed by: Sylvie Weber

A story of overcoming struggle through gumption and sisterhood.
Our protagonists have survived traumas we could never imagine, yet in each other they find strength. This strength, so great, empowers their entire female community to set out for a different future.


Short film project 2018/ Directed by: Henrik José

Overcome by loneliness, a man decides to seek out someone to celebrate his birthday with but ends up getting far more than he bargained for.
The Birthday is an existential comedy set in 70’s Soviet Russia. Produced in Berlin by a motley crew of of different nationalities and backgrounds, filmed with old soviet lenses with sound recorded onto old tape and dialogue dubbed in Russian.

For music from the movie:


YouTube series pilot 2016

The year 2062. Astronaut Jan and A.I. Dora are on asteroid watch, bored stiff.
Then an asteroid appears.

This is the first of five episodes. Go to and look forward to the rest of the season!

Music and Sounddesign together with
Jaime Henrik José